Openig LOCUS: Upcoming Iranian Artists Abroad (3 October 2014, photo: Gerrit Schreurs)

The mission and vision of the exhibition space and presentation institute GEMAK (2007-2015), between 2012 and 2015 the only remaining active component of Vrije Academie Den Haag (‘Free’ Academy The Hague), was to present contemporary and controversial themes in art, politics and society; inquisitive, curious, evaluative and challenging.

GEMAK challenged its audiences to experience art as a starting point for artistically ground breaking discussions, lectures and debates on a constantly changing, ‘mobile’ and globalizing society, both far afield and close to home. GEMAK was at the center of society, literally and figuratively, and presents art that was food for thought and touched a nerve.

Focusing on new developments in contemporary art practices, GEMAK actively encouraged new and experimental collaborations with artists, curators and organizations.

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