[ 21 - 24 September 2012 ]

Cast Lead

The Book

Cast Lead

Exhibition opening on Friday, 21 September, at 9 pm

What motivates an artist to make 1,430 unique books?

Ingrid Rollema has been working on an artwork consisting of 1,430 unique books. Each and every book has its own unique name and cover. The names refer to the victims of the bombings on Gaza during Christmas 2008. The book treats urgent matters which became apparent through Wiki Leaks, Arab Spring and the Occupy movement. The book is a collection of works by writers, theater producers and artists from Iran, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Morocco, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States of America. They share their insights and try to connect them. This book is like an alliance.

The exhibition will run till 24 September.

The content of this project is directed by Ontwerpwerk, deBuren, Felix Villanueva, Erwin Jans and Stef van Bellingen.

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