[ 8 Mar - 13 April 2013 ]



The exhibition ZIJBEELDEN (of which the title translates as either ‘she images’ or ‘side images’), an exhibition about everyday life, identity, gender and image perception with work by Claudie de Cleen, Guda Koster en Juuke Schoorl, will be opened on 8 March – International Women’s Day – at 6 pm and run until 13 April.

The opening coincides with Hoogtij #32 a tour past hotspot art galleries in The Hague’s city center beginning at GEMAK with soup at 6 pm and continuing with guided tours from 7 pm. Alongside the exhibition ZIJBEELDEN there will also be a number of presentations by ‘nomadic’ art initiatives and artists in the GEMAK building.

Download the invitation! (pdf)

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