[ 5 October 2013 15:00 - 17:00 ]

Studium Generale Lecture: Illustration Daily

by Babette Wagenvoort and Pawel Pokutycki

Studium Generale Lecture: Illustration Daily

Lecture (English spoken) about Illustration Daily by its founders Pawel Pokutycki and Babette Wagenvoort.

About Illustration Daily

Illustration Daily is a visual Daily – an online platform where professional illustrators share personal and editorial work that comments on the world today.

The illustrators share views by making new work or by re-publishing illustrations.
We are interested in all kinds of styles and opinions – from a highly political worldview to more personal comments on things currently happening around us. However: we are not looking for cartoons or purely decorative illustration (and we realize there’s a fine line between these things).

Illustration Daily is edited by a rotating group of illustration professionals, who decide what is published on Illustration Daily. We believe that by not opening this platform up to everybody-who-can-draw we can make sure Illustration Daily will have a higher standard than some other illustration platforms.

Illustration Daily is a project of Pawel Pokutycki (interaction designer) and Babette Wagenvoort (illustrator & former curator of the art-internet-platform Volkskrant OOG) and was launched at the Illustration Biennale in June 2012.

Illustration Daily aims:
– to publish at least one illustration every 24 hours (max. one work per illustrator per day).
– to share high quality visual responses to major and minor world events and current affairs
– to promote contemporary editorial illustrators
– to promote illustration with a specific content or message
– to create an overview of good contemporary editorial illustration commissions
– to stimulate the digital use of illustration (next step: interactive illustration!)
– to have a well-designed, user-friendly, convenient, on-line platform
– and to make a version of it for an iPad/iPhone app

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