[ 7 March 2014 18:00 - 23:00 ]


with free soup in GEMAK at 6 pm

chris meighan, Cow #1. 02-2011. dims 45x17x28 mm. Semi-skimmed milk, white vinegar

Hoogtij is a tour past hotspot art galleries in The Hague’s city center. The tour always starts at GEMAK with free soup at 6 pm and continues with guided tours from 7 pm (sign up via


  • The exhibition ‘Suppose it’s true after all, what then … ‘ by Hans Demoed & Geert de Rooij (The People of the Labyrinths) will be open.

  • 7.30 pm: MBASSY Unlimited presents: THE PECULIAR WORLD OF CHRIS MEIGHAN (, - Alpha, gaia, omega, agelada – Chris Meighan in conversation with artist Margret Wibmer. (in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy)

Chris Meighan (1979) is an Amsterdam-based artist working primarily with ‘technical research as artistic medium’. The core of this concept is a focus on the conceptual and aesthetic implications of technical research, as opposed to its practical outcomes. In this way, his role can also be described as that of a ‘subjective scientist’, one for whom the practical is personal. Performance, video and writing also play key roles in his practice. He is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art (2004) and the Dutch Art Institute (2008). His hand bound publication  ‘Alpha, gala, omega, agelada’ (96 pg) published in 2013, will be available for € 30.

This is the third edition in a series of events presenting emerging European and international artists, living and working in The Netherlands. Our mission is to communicate and to ignite a new dialogue from the artist’s perspective.

Mbassy Unlimited is an independent alliance for contemporary art & culture seeking to create new equity for the arts in an increasingly challenging time. It is founded by Margret Wibmer, an international artist and lecturer.

  • On the eve of International Women’s Day GEMAK will also show films about, among other things, ‘FEMEN-ism’.

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