[ 9 May 2014 11:00 - 17:00 ]


Marianna Maruyama

Complementary to the exhibition, GEMAK will present an extensive GLADSTONE seminar program with lectures and artists’ contributions. Here, the main focus will lie on visions on the future of the library and the book, on reading, on filing away and disclosing knowledge and information, on privacy and copyright and on how freely accessible knowledge and information will remain in a digitalized society.

Having arrived at a tipping point where analogue information and the traditional, pressurized, media of the last century meet the virtual possibilities and new media of this century, GEMAK seizes the moment to contemplate and investigate our personal and collective relationships with both old and new means of communication and data flows.  The motto for this is:  you win some, you lose some. What things from ‘the olden days’ should we hang on to and what things that are still merely a shining promise should we accept with open arms?


Including: :

Marianna Maruyama explains her Il Milione writing performance that she will present at GEMAK between 8 and 10 May 2014.

Hans van Hartevelt, who for years was the director of the famous library of the Royal Tropical Institute (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen – KIT) in Amsterdam,  will give a lecture on the library’s forced closure late 2013, the almost impossible search for a new home for his collection and the ‘spectacular’ rescue operation by the library of Alexandria.

Michael van Hoogenhuyze will give a lecture on memory art, the storage of knowledge and the way in which storing information changes our way of thinking.

Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen of LUSTlab ( shares his vision on the current and future developments in the field of information transfer.

Anne Verhoijsen’s reading performance Reisgenoten (Travel Companions) concludes the seminar.

Admission: € 10,00 (including tea and coffee)

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