[ 28 Mar - 26 May 2014 ]

Nomad Library: A Laboratory of Experimental Theory

GEMAKstore project by Melissa Cruz Garcia

Nomad Library: A Laboratory of Experimental Theory

Closely connected to the GLADSTONE exhibition, GEMAK Artist in Residence Melissa Cruz Garcia presents her project Nomad Library: A Laboratory of Experimental Theory in the GEMAKStore.

Nomad Library proposes to re-interpret printed knowledge by creating a series of gatherings or art exercises with different artists every week. The point of departure of the project is a suitcase. The suitcase has the flexibility to become a table showcase with which it is possible to transport and display the process and outcome of the different gathering sessions. Each week Melissa invites three artists to come to the GEMAK library. One of the artists is selected, using playing cards or any other game, to pick a book. In order to blindfold their eyes before picking a book from the “rare books” shelve, the selected artist has to wear special knitted glasses and is only guided by their sense of touch. The chosen book will subsequently serve as the inspiration for an artwork that each of the three artists will work on. Nomad Library aims to create a kind of collective encyclopedia contained in a “processual book” (meaning, a book that was made during the process of every library session).

In total Nomad Library will host five gatherings at Gemak where five different books are selected.

Nomad Library: A Laboratory of Experimental Theory will continue at different locations (in the Netherlands and abroad), involving a growing number of artists.

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