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Off Senses | Future Senses

Off Senses | Future Senses

OFF SENSES | FUTURE SENSES is an exhibition that zooms in on the ‘sensitive focus’ in art and on the added value of perceiving or sensing less, more or in a different way.

Opening: Friday 1 August 2014, 5 pm

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Off Senses | Future Senses showcases existing as well as investigative new works by Peter de Cupere, Derek Jarman, Yota Morimoto, LUSTlab, Objectif-Exhibitions, Petra van der Schoot, Cybil Scott, Sissel Marie Tonn and Mattie van der Worm.

Through the explorations – often still in an exciting and experimental research phase – of these artists the exhibition stimulates the visitor not only to experience and use their own sensory perception in a more curious and creative way, but also to critically examine the reliability of sensory impressions and experiences.


Peter de Cupere presents two scent works that test the expectations of smell and sound: Blind Smelling Stick & a Scent Telescope. GEMAK also asked him to stage his Perfumance-performance (also shown at SMAK Gent earlier this year) during Museumnacht on 6 September 2014.

Derek Jarman’s (1942 – 1994) last, monochromous, film Blue (1993) is shown.

Yota Morimoto presents two, very recent installations that research the materiality of sound: Spray (2014) & Matrix (2014).

Testing station LUSTlab, situated on the first floor of the GEMAK-building, develops new techniques in design, art and interactive media. Their contribution to Off Senses | Future Senses is based on their ongoing experimental research into new technologies and their surprising applications for physical and digital forms of perception and communication.

(*) Hyperlocator, a LUSTlab experiment in progress; You control the control room. In Hyperlocator you get a sense of the city in one single space. Who is obeserving who? Every day a new hyperlocation is created, exploring a new space and unlocking its local palette.

Petra van der Schoot  will be working in the exhibition space for three weeks on a new installation researching sensory asociations: sound/music, performance, materiality, memories, time and space all play a part in this. The various phases of this reseach and the production proces will be captured on video and in photographs.Visitors and passers by can follow and experience the work-in-progress and performances.

22 augustus 2014, In de etalage van GEMAK from petra van der schoot on Vimeo.

Cybil Scott (Miami, 1986), recently moved to The Hague. As an artist and curator she is interested in biological and artificial systems. For GEMAK she has made a new, interactive work inspired by a known and controversial neurological phenomenon, the so-called Ganzfeld effect. The installation explores the limitations of our sensory perception and the possibilities for our brain to subsequently start imporvising; or should we say ‘hallucinating’?

Master Artistic Research student Sissel Marie Tonn presents a new version of her recent project Workspaces, in which she portrays the differences between the physical experience and the digital presentation of creative work spaces.

Mattie van der Worm’s photo research turns photographic details into sensory challenges. razeor sharp, life sized and true to life.

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