[ 29 March 2015 17:00 - 20:00 ]

Film Screening, cake & talk: Mama Illegal

(directed by Ed Moschitz) - Entrance Free

Film Screening, cake & talk: Mama Illegal

The screening is organized by Platform Spartak and it’s part of the Ulysses’ Gaze project, part of which we organize a series of monthly screenings of films from Eastern Europe, mainly focused on migration.

In the West, there is a stereotypical image of the Eastern European work migrant, working low jobs and saving money to send home. Since these migrants seem to come out of choice and uninvited, they’re often regarded as a nuisance. What’s less visible and often little taken into account is the kind of courage it takes for a person to leave their family behind and jump into the unknown. More than that, little is known about the effects the separation has on the children and the family as a whole.

Mama Illegal tells the story of three Moldavian women who work illegally in Austria and Italy. They have no rights to medical assistance and live with the risk of being deported any time. To get into these countries, they had to sacrifice their savings and risk their lives. They hardly get to see their families back home, they hardly know their own children, and yet, they took these great risks for the sake of the family and its future. At the same time, back in Moldavia, even though everyone is dreaming of a better home with wooden floors and TVs that the women will buy when they come back, also everyone wishes they had never let their wives and mothers go.

The film is accompanied by cake and drinks and will be followed by a discussion.

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