[ 5 Jun - 4 July 2015 ]

I want something with a house in

Presentatie Master Artistic Research KABK

I want something with a house in

I want something with a house in shows works by six young artists who are now in their first year of the Master Artistic Research program at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague.


Friday 5 June 2015 at 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm

During the opening Natasha Taylor will organize two performances in collaboration with Pro Wrestling Holland wrestlers ‘Dragan’ Amer Spahic  and ‘Young Money Chong’ Tom Chong. These gentlemen will step out of their usual contextual environment into another.

Natasha Taylor’s work What happens when you shift special contexts (2015) is situated in the ‘living room’ and takes a look into the world of professional wrestling and the relationship between art and entertainment.

A house has several spaces and rooms to which different levels of privacy apply. The entrance hall is the most public. The bedroom, bathroom and toilet can be considered as the most private areas and the living room and dining room as more public spaces.

For this occasion the exhibition space GEMAK will be considered as a house with nine ‘fluid’ corridors and rooms. It will function as a home for their work. In the exhibition the individual quality of each artist will be related to the specific characteristics of these ‘rooms’. The work of the students shows different ways of relating to private and public issues. Some works are exuberant and challenging, while other works are more contemplative, quiet and intimate… like the rooms in a house.

In six of the nine rooms the participating artists will show their work in small ‘private’ presentations, and in other spaces meetings and dialogues will take place. Like in a real house there is constant activity and therefore the show is an exhibition in motion and a research in progress.

Participating students:
Natasha Taylor, Fela Kim, HyunTae Lee, Ana Guedes, mamoru and Matthijs Walhout

Guest curator: Luuk Wilmering

Natasha Taylor, What happens when you shift special contexts, 2015 (installatie | installation)  |   “The term wrestling can be used in it’s literal and it’s metaphorical sense, both have my interest. I want to play within these realms.”

Fela Kim, Installatie | installation, zonder titel | no title, 2015  |  Fela Kim’s work is an investigation into social structures. She is intrigued by human relations, how they emerge, what they mean and how these connections operate and influence people.

HyunTae Lee, Preparing preparation, 2015 (installatie | installation)  |  HyunTae Lee used to think about spending time spending time; reacting to his situations, or spending time with the situations he happened to be situated within, he is thinking. He thinks he is thinking while thinking about the difference between acting and reacting.

Ana Guedes, Threnody #01, 2015 (video) & On transience, work in progress 2015 (installatie | installation)  Ana Guedes is a multidisciplinary artist, who is developing a sound oriented practice focused on the awareness of the epiphanies of the “glitch” that interweaves the “infraordinary” and permeates her practice.

Mamoru, “iseeyousaw”, 2015, 1inch projection, stereo  |   “The act of listening can make the text, whether it is spoken or written, as scores to direct imagination of the listener at the same time they are sound as well; actually audible sound or “sound” in your mind. Don’t you hear a “voice” while you are reading this sentence?”

Matthijs Walhout, [violently oscillating], 2015  |   “How I wish to move away from words! No, wait—I do not mean that as such. How I wish to move the words away from words, away from their everything.”

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