[ 6 November 2015 20:15 - 22:00 ]

OERKNAL! - Undersong

Musical performance

OERKNAL! - Undersong
OERKNAL! Ensemble

Oerknal! opens its 2015/16 season with the cutting-edge of new music from The United States curated by American composer and conductor Lewis Nielson!


LEWIS NIELSON You Choose (2010)
KYLE BARTLETT Opdrachtcompositie (2015)
REIKOTING Weg der Schwäne, Lied (2015)
JASON ECKARDT Aperture (2007)

guest conductor – Lewis Nielson

solo flute ( for16) – Susanne Peters

These concerts revolve around two excerpts from Jason Eckardt’s monumental “Undersong” series: 16 and Aperture. 16, one of the most virtuosic works for flute yet written in the 21st-century, combines the world of speech – inarticulate, choked, breathy – with traditional flute playing and a landscape of percussive strings. The music moves from a world of (apparent) attempts at verbal communication towards an atmosphere of extreme tension and aggression. Aperture

is made up of various instrumental solos and musical statements variously juxtaposed and thrown against each other, demonstrating Eckardt’s view of the disjunction inherent in contemporary society. Rounding out the program are Lewis Nielson’s You Choose – an intensely moving duet for flute and piano setting poetry by Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton – and the premieres of two commissions written especially for Oerknal! by Kyle Bartlett – whose music is fierce, lively, visceral – and Reiko Futing – a composer of great sensitivity whose music unites the gestural world of Baroque music with the textural and timbral palette of the 20th- and 21st-centuries.

These four composers span a wide range of aesthetic styles but are united in the belief that contemporary music, no matter how fringe, serves an essential social function and that a composer should always be in dialogue with the political and social contexts of his or her environment. Join us for an evening of outstanding music and become part of this dialogue!

Tickets (to be paid in cash at the door):

Regular: €10

Students (upon presentation of college ID): €7.50

SPECIAL DISCOUNT TICKET DEAL! Come as a group of three and get one ticket FREE! That’s right, free. Just be sure to mention the promo code “white swan“ to claim this special discount!

Oerknal! is a collective of young professional musicians, composers, video artists, recording engineers, and graphic designers. We are united by a passion for new creative experiences and the belief that music should be presented in an intense, visceral manner.

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