[ 26 November 2015 19:00 - 21:00 ]

The Fine Art of Peace Making 2

An Artist's Response to the Refugee Crisis

The Fine Art of Peace Making 2
Drawing by Taim Sfar

The Hague Peace Projects and the exhibition space GEMAK organize a series of public discussions themed “The Fine Art of Peace Making” (Vrede is geen Kunst?).

These sessions are an encounter between representatives of two worlds: on the one hand the world of professional art and on the other hand the world of peace activism.

Our second session will be about Refugees and Migration. Everyday we hear about the flows of refugees coming to Europe. But what does it mean to be a refugee? And what does it mean for artists to live in a conflict zone? How does becoming a refugee influence their work? Two Syrian refugees tell their story.

The first speaker is Memo Jan, a Syrian refugee from Aleppo. Being in the Netherlands for three years now he is trying to start a new life as an English teacher. Memo will tell about his life as a refugee in The Netherlands and his efforts as a peace activist to contribute to the future of Syria.

The second speaker is the visual artist Bassam Alkhouri, who comes from Damascus. Bassam will talk about one of his art school pupils, the eleven year old Taim Sfar, whose drawings (see the images on this page) tell the story of the Syrian war as seen through the eyes of a child.

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