[ 17 - 18 mei 2013 ]

ArtScience: Spheres

Preview Festival

ArtScience: Spheres
Werk van ArtScience graduate Bonne Knibbe

Meerdaagse previewtentoonstelling van de Interfaculteit ArtScience (KABK) afstudeerklas 2013 op diverse lokaties in het centrum van Den Haag.

In GEMAK is op vrijdag 17 en zaterdag 18 mei werk te zien van: Daniel Berio, Andre Cavalheiro,  Mischa Daams,  Virginie Dubois, Bonne Knibbe, Sarvenaz Mostofey, Momoko Noguchi, Panagiotis Tomaras.

Meer informatie en volledig programma:

This year’s exhibition is a full-on cultural happening, including an opening concert, symposium, and featuring the work of the largest graduating class to ever come out of the ArtScience Interfaculty: twenty-three international and local artists (bachelor and master students).

Kinetic sculptures, audio-visual performances, experimental cinema, sensory experiments, public interventions, and technological fascinations all come together within the spheres exhibition. A theme that draws inspiration from age-old and modern notions of the sphere as a spatial boundary for knowledge. In the two-day exhibition the artists of the graduating class will present the results of their artistic research at the center of one of the largest public spheres of the Hague: the Grote Markt.

The event will begin with an opening concert the evening of May 16 at the Korzo Theater. The concert, entitled “Beeld en Geluid”, will celebrate the creative culture of the ArtScience Interfaculty through an eclectic program of live cinema and performances by alumni. After the concert there will be drinks and DJs, and the audience will have the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the artworks on exhibit at Korzo. The full exhibition will open the following day (May 17­18), taking place at three satellite locations clustered around a central information point at the Grote Markt. Saturday morning, May 18th, will feature a symposium at Korzo Theater with invited speakers and discussions on the core topics of this year’s theme.

Currently confirmed speakers include Joe Davis, the inimitable artist­in­research of MIT. The exhibition will close with an afterparty on the final evening in the centre of the city at Supermarkt. The four locations of interest include: GEMAK (central building of Vrije Academie), HOOP (catacombs beneath the old city hall), Korzo Theater, and public interventions at the main information point on the Grote Markt square.


Thursday, 16 May

20h – late opening event “Beeld en Geluid”, drinks, and artworks at Korzo (Korzo Theater)

Friday, 17 May

14h – 21h exhibition open (Grote Markt / Korzo Theater / HOOP catacombs / GEMAK)

Saturday, 18 May

12h – 15h spheres symposium (Korzo Theater) 15h – 21h exhibition open (Grote Markt / Korzo Theater / HOOP catacombs / GEMAK) 22h – end closing party (Grote Markt)

Further information:

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