[ 21 juni 2015 16:00 - 19:00 ]

Movie screening, cake & talk: The Queen of Silence

Movie screening, cake & talk: The Queen of Silence

De documentaire The Queen of Silence is de laatste film in het door Spartak Platform georganiseerde Ulysses’ Gaze project. Een prachtige, ontroerende documentaire over een doof meisje uit een illegale Roma nederzetting dat de harde werkelijkheid tracht te ontvluchten door zich te wanen in een wereld vol ritme, dans en verbeeldingskracht.

10-year-old-Denisa is an outcast in many ways. She is an illegal citizen of a gypsy camp in Poland, a female in a patriarchal gypsy community, and most importantly of all she doesn’t speak; nobody has ever diagnosed her with severe hearing disabilities. Even the children from the camp call her “the stupid one“, but Denisa is far from it. She simply has a world of her own – a world full of rhythm and dance. Ever since finding a box of Bollywood DVDs in a nearby garbage dump, Denisa wants to dance and dress like the glamorous
women in the films. Together with other children from the camp she tries to create Bollywoodesque choreographies. This is Denisa’s way of surviving extreme poverty, aggressive attacks from the neighbours
and the threat of eviction. Dancing allows her to be anyone she wants, even a queen, and express what she can‘t say – joy, sadness and fear.

Filmmaker Agnieszka Zwiefka follows Denisa and her family through several seasons, and it becomes clear that even the children understand grown-up problems here. They know exactly how hostile people within the European Union are towards those who have no ID, no education, no work and no permanent residence.

The film is accompanied by cake and drinks and a short talk.

The screening is organized by Platform Spartak and it’s part of the Ulysses’ Gaze project, part of which we organize a series of monthly screenings of films from Eastern Europe, mainly focused on migration. This is the last screening of the program

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