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New Pott Revisited Conference

On the theme of Super Diversity

New Pott Revisited Conference

On Friday 31 May 2013 between 2 and 5 pm, GEMAK will organize a conference in connection with the exhibition Mischa Kuball: New Pott Revisited. The conference will not only focus on new insights into the ways we regard migration, identity, multi culturality and the search for and invention of a new ‘home identity’, but also on the significance of a national or cultural identity, for example ‘Dutchness’. Contributors to this conference will be Professor Maurice Crul (PhD), Baukje Prins (PhD), Bregje Termeer (MA), Thomas Nondh Jansen and Mischa Kuball.

Maurice Crul holds the chair for Education and Diversity at the Vrije Universiteit (Free University) in Amsterdam and is a professor at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He will give a short lecture summarizing his insights as articulated during his oration of 22 March 2013 entitled Superdiversiteit. Een nieuwe visie op integratie (Super diversity. A new way of looking at integration). ‘Superdiversiteit’ (Super diversity) is also the title of a book on the same subject by Maurice Crul, Jens Schneider and Frans Lelie. It outlines the new reality in metropolitan areas in which the natives have become a minority. Today only about a third of 15-year-olds in metropolitan areas are of native Dutch descent. In other words, cities are becoming ‘super diverse’, not only in the Netherlands, but also in other Western European Countries. Super diversity offers a new outlook on the debate on integration by outlining the conditions for positive future scenario’s.

Baukje Prins is Associate Professor of Citizenship and Diversity at the Hague University of Applied Sciences (Haagse Hogeschool) and co-author of Superdivers! Alledaagse omgangsvormen in de grootstedelijke samenleving (Super diverse! Everyday etiquette in metropolitan society – Eburon/De Haagse Hogeschool, 2013). In the article ‘Geen meerderheden meer’ (‘No more majorities’) published in the Dutch weekly newspaper the Groene Amsterdammer on 9 May 2013, Prins wrote about super diversity, the new way of looking at integration and diversity. In her lecture she will focus on day-to-day practice and experiences with super diversity in Dutch society and, more particularly, in The Hague society.

Bregje Termeer received her BSc and MSc in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. Before she began studying anthropology, she obtained a BA in photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Currently, Bregje Termeer is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) at the University of Amsterdam, within the research project Citizenship, National Canons and the Issue of Cultural Diversity. She will share her experiences and discuss the results of her research into the concepts of ‘belonging’ and ‘feeling at home’, themes that are often linked to migrants. Armed with her experience as a photographer and photo editor, Termeer will also critically discus the practice of super diverse identity shaping and the impact of projected images on the perception of identity.

Mischa Kuball (born 1959 in Düsseldorf, Germany) has been working in the public sphere since 1987. He uses light as a medium to explore architectual space, as well as social and political discourse in his installations and photographs, reflecting on a whole variety of aspects from sociocultual structures to architectural interventions, emphasising or reinterpreting their monumental nature and context in architectual history. Public and private space merge into an indistinguishable whole in politically motivated participation projects, providing a platform for communication between the audience, the artist, the work itself and public space. Since 2007 Mischa Kuball is a Professor in the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne where he founded the -1/MinusEins Experimental Lab. Further information:

Thomas Nondh Jansen is a young photographer, film maker and artist who is due to graduate from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague this year. Commissioned by the ISS (International Institute for Social Studies) in The Hague, Jansen made a short film called The way you bow makes me smile researching greetings from around the world. This short film will be shown during the conference with a short introduction by the maker.

NEW POTT REVISITED – After Essen, in the center of the Ruhr, and Katowice in Poland, the New Pott project is now shown at GEMAK, The Hague with the title New Pott Revisited. The exhibition provides an insight into Kuball’s large-scale artistic study into the multicultural reality of the Ruhr and was originally developed in response to European Cultural Capital RUHR.2010. At GEMAK, the project is presented as an installation. Mischa Kuball exhibits light objects and 100 photographic tableaux, as well as video footage presenting 100 encounters between the artist and people from 100 different countries, now living in the Rurh, in a variety of ways. These 100 conversations form the fabric of a many-voiced narrative about the Ruhr that, in a sense, remaps the area. At GEMAK, New Pott Revisited explores the dialogue about possible ways to shape a new identity in different or changing surroundings and societies.

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