[ 29 May - 4 July 2015 ]

GEMAK EXTRA: an infinity of temporalities (2011-now)

Wouter Willebrands

GEMAK EXTRA: an infinity of temporalities (2011-now)
Still from 'an infinity of temporalities': 'o, berlin's myth'

GEMAK’s smaller exhibition space, GEMAK EXTRA, will be dedicated to the work ‘an infinity of temporalities’ by Wouter Willabrands, an ongoing project which started in 2011.

Everything is finite. At the end of life, death is inevitable. All matter, both organic and inorganic will eventually disintegrate before being used again in a new and different form. An endless perpetual cycle, an infinity of temporalities.

In this work, a text consisting of 188 characters falls apart, slowly, letter by letter, while simultaneously forming new texts using exactly the same letters, making each text an anagram of both the previous text and the next.

During the exhibition period Wouter Willebrands will refresh the exhibtion by changing and/or adding some of his other works every now and again.


During the exhibition period a very limited edition (5/5) of Willebrands exceptional videowork An Infinity of Temporalities, covering the ongoing project from 2011 till now, is available on dvd at GEMAK. The dvd costs € 200,00. For more information:

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