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the world without a manual


In de huidige tentoonstelling is een werk opgenomen van Refunc. De installaties zijn gemaakt van restmaterialen, en nodigen allen uit om even te gaan zitten en te lezen, of misschien wel voorgelezen te worden.

Over Refunc:

REFUNC is a laboratory for design based on the idea that everything can be used to create another thing. REFUNC creates experimental structures based on local waste material flows. REFUNC provides a second life for found or thrown-away objects. REFUNC operates on the borders of architecture, art and design.

Origin for designs are found in the object itself, by listening to its own composition, history, or local and social context. REFUNC  needs a problem to play with, creative improvisation with locally available waste materials lead the way to our often unpredictable results. Wherever you can find garbage, REFUNC does research and workshops on creative recycling.

our motto:
‘the world without a manual’

Meer informatie is te vinden op hun website

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